Read what some clients are saying about working with a spiritual Adoula:

“I knew about the physical journey my baby would make, this work helped me comprehend the spiritual journey made and let me be a part of that. “


“Spiritual Birthing helped me to remember my importance as the host mother and to honor myself for the amazing work that I am a part of.”


“Our experience with our spiritual Adoula was both inspirational and connecting.  She was the ‘calm’ that we needed in our pregnancy journey. It was truly one of the most selfless works I’ve ever done for myself and we looked forward to meeting with her every week.”


“I feel more prepared and less nervous to meet my second child because I have learned how to connect spiritually to her prior to giving birth.”


Watch this short video to learn more about the work an Adoula does and hear what some clients have to say about their experiences: