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Frequently Asked Questions

The Adoula can begin to meet with a mother (or a couple) before conception occurs. The parent or parents will receive pre-conception information and instruction from their Adoula.

For every trimester of pregnancy, there is a specific connection work that is done. The mother, or both parents, will be taught by their Adoula what is to be done at each stage of the pregnancy for the strongest connection to their unborn baby.

The Adoula will meet with the clients regularly during the pregnancy, and the parents will also be given instructions as to what they are to do on their own.

The Adoula will instruct the parents on how to set up a sacred space in which to connect with the incoming child. They will also receive additional instruction that will help them to nurture themselves through this process.

The father is an important and honored partner in this work. However, it is not always possible to have the participation of the father, and in that case, it is entirely appropriate to work solely with the mother.

Yes. An Adoula can begin working with a mother up until the third trimester of pregnancy.

After the child is born, the Adoula can continue the work with the parents and baby for up to nine months after delivery, helping the baby to bring in the full potential of their divine energy.

Parents are taught about conscious choice, and the impact that it has on conception and pregnancy. Parents are also taught about the natural energies associated with birthing, and how to allow the birth process to become a beautiful unfolding.

Perhaps the biggest benefit, however, is that the parents will feel a spiritual connection with the incoming child which will be of benefit not only to them, but to the unborn baby as well. This connection remains after birth and can provide the parents with valuable insight while raising this child. For the child, this connection can add to the acceptance they feel from the parents, which adds an extra measure of comfort and security.