The DreamWalker Birth Transitions™ Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for a DreamWalker Birth Transitions Facilitator (Adoula) calls for high standards of honesty, objectivity, diligence and compassion; a commitment to upholding the dignity of, respect for and responsibility to their clients throughout the mutual, contractual relationship in this emerging profession.

Principles of Conduct

I treat all clients equally with courtesy, consideration and dignity.

I respect the privacy of each client and honor his or her desire for confidentiality.

I honor and respect each client regardless of race, sex, creed, religious beliefs, social status, cultural background or sexual orientation.

I allow my clients their own unique birthing experience and recommend appropriate nurturing modalities (i.e., therapeutic massage) and self-care practices.

I recognize that my influence may be considerable, and therefore avoid any possible imposition of my own spiritual beliefs on my clients.

I cooperate and collaborate with my client’s healthcare team and family members for the greatest good of the client.

I maintain proper and appropriate boundaries.

I strive to uphold the integrity of this work at all times.

I participate in professional development and continuing education.

I honor my clients, peers and myself for this profound work and service we are providing.

I provide conscientious service and charge just remuneration.

I agree to follow the Guidelines as presented in the DreamWalker Birth Transitions™ curriculum.

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