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Welcome! More to come…

We look forward to sharing news about the International Society of Adoulas (ISA) members who work beyond the scope of their individual practices.  Please continue to check this page to see what our members are doing.

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  1. Colleen Arcury/16 Mar 2014/Reply

    Hello adoulas! It is great to be here. My life has changed drastically. In Oct 3012 I was on my last travel nursing assignment
    in NICU in SA Texas when I went in to have 4 gallstones removed, (did
    not), arrested, and was in a coma.
    Life as I knew it was altered.My career was over and I did not know who I was. I feel like I am in a new life, had to learn how to do everything again. I regained a new awareness of death/life.I have rediscovered that I was a dreamwalker death guide and a birth guide among other things. It is nice to see how the adoula organization has grown.

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